Monday, January 18, 2016


Although I have not entered into the Education Program quite yet, I am preparing to fall into the world of teaching. I chose to take this course on Educational Technology to prepare myself for what's to come of my college career. I find myself quite intrigued with blogging, and I network with a few very successful bloggers. Simply creating this blog already has me excited for the upcoming assignments. My goal this semester is to take in as much information about this technology and any other teaching programs, software, systems, etc. I can get my hands on. Technology is not only something to relate to the future, but it is our present. I find it necessary to get knee deep in it and get ahead so when the time comes to teach younger generations, we're fully prepared. I feel as if we often run into the "problem" that students can organize and network more efficiently than teachers can, and I think it would be beneficial to a classroom if the teachers were able to be ahead of the game. We also know that attention spans are not quite as long as they used to be due to advanced technology, which is another reason it is important to know a variety of ways to keep the students listening and engaged I hope throughout this course I am able to find myself in a position of being able to accomplish these things. When I enter a classroom I want to be able to create excitement and passion for learning through user friendly tools. I look forward to the different modules of this class so to speak and I am ready to learn to teach!

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